Saturday, June 26, 2010

Does Acne get worse before getting better?

I have really bad acnce so I started taking proactive. Since I have started using it, my acne has doubled. Is this a normal process in all acne treatment?Does Acne get worse before getting better?
Yes, with Proactiv that is very normal. The way that it works is that while you have the acne that you see on your skin, there is another cycle of acne building up. All of that dirt, oil, and bacteria festers in your skin for along time before going to the surface in the form of acne. What Proactiv will do is pull all of that to the surface, so your next couple of months of acne all come out at once. Since there is nothing left building in the skin, after that clears up there is nothing more to break you out. So if you keep up with good maintnence and care, your skin should stay clear. That is why it tells you to wait 6-8 weeks for optimal results. Good luck!Does Acne get worse before getting better?
this is TOTALLY normal!! so dont worry (:! what is happening is that the acne system is bringing up the nasty dirt from your pores. it is on the top of your skin so you will get a break out. but soon the break out will go away

this happened with my friend and i using acne free too!

hope this helps! (:
try milk and lemon this really works i have tried it!! it will smell abit but do u want a clear face or not?

first put one spoon of milk and then hafe of the lemon and mix well, use a cotton wool to apply on your face . put this at night before u go to bed or u can let it dry and wash it off.....

i hope this works 4 u :)
not sure about this but if you are looking for an alternative solution...

i went to the doctor about my acne and she advised me to change my shampoo to a mild one and gave me a treatment called zineyrt

since then my acne has completely gone

:D yay me !

Yay you if you do the same!

Any time you start a new skin care system you will have some breakouts. If you were not using anything but soap and water before the proactive will bring imputities that were deep in the skin to the surface resulting in more blemishes. I will tell you however that proactive can be very harsh and drying to the skin with regular use.
yes it is called purging.

After you unclog your pores where the hell do you think it goes? It is really normal especially after starting a new regimen.

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